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Safely Connect a Portable Generator To Your Home Without Rewiring.

The GenerLink™ Transfer Switch

The GenerLink is a socket-mounted transfer switch that is installed behind your electric meter. The switch allows you to easily and safely connect a portable generator to your home during a power outage. The GenerLink delivers the generator power directly to your electrical panel which eliminates the hassle of running extension cords throughout your home.

  • UL listed meter mounted transfer switch (UL1008M)
  • Prevents back feeding of the utility line
  • No rewiring or subpanel installation required
  • Takes 30 minutes to install by utility personnel
  • Works with most portable generators
  • Always installed, use it when you need it
  • Requires a 240V, four-pronged outlet on the generator   

Generlink Switches

The GenerLink can be installed with 75kA per phase surge protection and comes in two models to handle larger or smaller loads. Choose the configuration that best fits your needs.

generlink models 


Do you have the right portable generator to get through power outages? Check to make sure your portable generator is compatible with the GenerLink transfer switch.



Read our guides to see how you can get the most out of your generator with the GenerLink. The GenerLink makes electricity convenient and accessible during a power outage. 

gUIDes and literature 

We offer other transfer switches including the EZ-Connect. This switch operates similar to the GenerLink, can be installed in any utility service area, and is rated at 200A.


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Properly Operating the GenerLink

The proper steps for installing your GenerLink transfer switch to your home can be found in the operation manual. This manual was included with the GenerLink and can be found in the Downloads tab.

Please follow the steps below to safely connect your portable generator to the GenerLink. These steps can be taken to test the GenerLink even while utility power is present. 

          1) Put your generator in a well ventilated area near the GenerLink. 

          2) Go to your breaker panel and turn off ALL the breakers except the main breakers. 

          3) Connect the female end of your GenerLok cord to the GenerLink. (Make sure it securely clicks in to place)

          4) Connect the male end of the GenerLok cord to your portable generator. 

          5) Turn your portable generator on.

          6) Go to your breaker panel and turn on essential breakers until you reach the maximum running wattage                           potential of your generator. 

To switch to utilty power, turn off your generator and the GenerLink will automatically transfer back to using power from the grid. At this point, you can turn on all of your breakers in your breaker panel.

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