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Transfer Switches


Dont be left in the dark!

Hook up to our new UL listed (UL1008) EZ-Connect transfer switch and get the most out of your portable generator. This full 200-amp manual tansfer switch will help your portable generator power your home during a power outage. While your neighbors have to wait in the dark you will be able to sit comfortably while the utility power is restored. Call us today and ask about our EZ-Connect transfer switch and the options for use with your portable generator. 





In the event of a power loss, let your home come to life with a 200-amp SolarLink. The SolarLink will automatically disconnect the home from the utility grid as soon as it detects a power outage. This allows homeowners to use their solar power photovoltaic system during a power outage. The 200-amp SolarLink is for customers with a photovoltaic system tied to an inverted and connected to the utility grid. SolarLink will automatically disconnect from the utility grid in the event of a power outage, preventing dangerous backfeeding on to the utility lines. The disconnect is initiated by the loss of grid power to the inverter which is connected to the PV panels. Customers can also choose to disconnect from the grid simply by flipping a switch. Once disconnected, customers can use their home appliances and lighting to the capacity of the PV system. SolarLink also provides a convenient location to connect an inverter to a single phase, 3 wire, 40-amp input. SolarLink is available in a socket based or surface mount configuration.